A holiday mindset, a city backdrop

A holiday mindset, a city backdrop

I found this little guy on a stable lock in a different life months ago when enjoying the small things was a luxury I could afford and corporate city life was the furthest thing from my mind. I remembered how relaxed I was on this holiday, and the feeling that no matter what happened in my day, I had all the time in the world to figure it out.

That feeling doesn’t come about very often in the other 48 weeks of the year not taken up by holidays! But today I rediscovered it. I rushed home from my corporate life and found myself with 20 minutes to spare between rushing off to my social butterfly life.

I went outside to check on my herbs, and I sat. And I listened. I heard a bee who had found his way from tree top to my 3rd level apartment balcony and onto a blossom on my lime tree. I heard trams going down the street behind my balcony, I heard high heels walking home from work, I heard the neighbours dog get excited when said footsteps got closer to the gate. I heard the train siren at the station near me and I heard electric garage doors opening and cars tooting. I heard glasses from a cafe below me. I heard conversations by people below me and by birds on the trees around me.

And I realised that apartment living is very cool, because you can be totally connected and still create a lovely escape from all that busy-ness, when you take the time to immerse yourself in your own little moment.

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