The Chilly Melbourne Porch

The Chilly Melbourne Porch

Here is simplicity at it’s finest. On Friday night I found this brilliantly up cycled crate-turned-planter box for a small tree and a recycled stool, positioned in a perfectly sized little space between front door and window. Raw wood and green leaves against stone walls, with the light crate contrasted beautifully and matching the brightness of all the light and socialising going on inside. Although you can’t see well, you can make out some bright purple flowers in an old jar in the window. It looked beautiful from the outside seeing the flowers through the window, and also from the inside as it brought attention to the little tree outside.

It was actually very hard to get a photo of because despite the Melbourne cold, people kept finding this perfect little space for a 5 minute texting break/phone call break/quick chat before heading back inside to socialise.

Sometimes it really is a case of simple being the new simple when creating an area for people to enjoy their own little moment.

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