Let’s start at the very beginning….

Room with a view

It’s a very good place to start….  When you read you begin with ABC, however the decision to purchase or rent your first apartment isn’t quite that simple.

After enormous amounts of preparation, saving and more than a few heartbreaking auctions, I found myself very surprised one Saturday morning sitting in a little apartment on a little couch with little decoration (furnished for sale) and one very large purchase completed.   I realised what I’d done five minutes before by putting up my hand.  Just like at school when the teacher asked a question, I put up my hand to answer.  Only this time, my answer was “I’m ready to grow up”.

Such a little space, was the biggest decision I’d ever made.  So it deserves to be extraordinary.  This view above was my first inspiration, and the first thing that made me fall in love with my new little space.

And so over the past year I have embarked on a journey to create my own little oasis, a place where friends and family come to relax, to talk, to tell stories, and to create memories.  Hopefully my space can inspire you to do the same and make a BIG life in your little space.